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Phoenix Limousine's Wedding Guide

Phoenix Limousine Wedding Guide

If you're in the beginning stages of planning your wedding day, we're happy to tell you that you've come to just the right spot! Phoenix Limousine is proud to present to you some tips, tricks, and advice when it comes to planning this big day. As you might imagine, we often provide limo services for our wedding customers... As a result, we have a good amount of accumulated collective knowledge when it comes to weddings and what goes into planning them...

The first and often-times the most difficult part of the planning stage is a period of simply being overwhelmed at the amount of vendors you will be required to hire, the number of affects you'll have to figure out for décor, and really the list goes on. We want to recommend that first off, set aside your overwhelmed feeling and start to objectify your goals for your wedding. First and foremost, you're going to want to set a date. In order to facilitate this, you are probably best served by securing the venues for the ceremony and reception respectively. Once you have these two picked out, you can begin the process of whittling down your list of vendors until all you have to worry about is getting there and saying I do.

So, lets assume that you have your wedding venues all in order. Now comes the daunting task of itemizing your priorities and figuring out the budget you'd like to set aside for each respective nuance of your nuptials...

We recommend making a list and assigning an importance value to each aspect that your wedding is going to require. This will make matters immensely less complicated when figuring out what you're going to knock out next. If we might make a recommendation here... A lot of couples tend to regret it when they decide to devalue the most timeless and memory making aspects of their wedding. The photography and videography. These two most important vendors (if you choose to have both) are the two that will likely be spending the most time with you, and even more importantly, they will be creating a visual documentary of your day. These will be with you for the rest of your life! If you're choosing to have one, the other, or both, this is not something you want to cut corners on. You want to be able to see what they've done and love their work. Most importantly, you want to really enjoy them as a person. They will be your shadow for the day and there is no words that can fully express how important it can be to have someone there who can lend enjoyment and calm to your day.

Now, with that caveat out of the way, lets get on to compiling your starting list of objectives and vendors you're going to want to sift through, contact, and eventually hire when it's all said and done.

You've already picked the venue of choice. If your reception hall is also providing the catering, that is one big step out of the way. If they do not provide catering, you're going to want to hop onto choosing one that suits your tastes and budget quickly. While we're on the topic of receptions... There's another big decision to make. Am I going to hire a wedding band? Should I just stick with a DJ? Or, if you're having a smaller affair, you could always go the "plug in the iPod" route. Though, this is something that is gaining in popularity... We do not recommend it. Having a professional DJ or Band to emcee your wedding reception is something that you shouldn't overlook when it comes to the enjoyment and engagement of your guests.

The decor of your wedding is also something you will be considering. Most reception halls who often accommodate weddings will be able to assist you in this regard. However there are a lot of venues (a rental hall in a state park, for example), which will only provide the room and the tables/chairs. In this case, the rest is entirely up to you. Chances are good that you can move some of the flowers (more on these later) from the ceremony location to the venue, but that is rarely enough to provide a full compliment of décor to each and every table. Now, as we mentioned just a bit ago... The floral arrangements for you, your wedding party, and the groom will have to be accounted for. Hiring a reputable and artistic florist is highly recommended. There's a lot going on for you this day... So if you choose to tackle this on your own, be prepared to spend a good amount of time to putting these together.

Your attire is also something that bears mentioning on this page. You're going to need to pick out colors as well as styling. This is completely subjective, and you should definitely go with something that you feel personifies your style. Our recommendation here? Don't wait. Get your dresses and grooms outfits taken care of early, and have them tailored and checked with enough time for quick alterations should the seamstress or tailor not get it perfect the first time.

For some folks, the next item up for consideration is often the favorite part of the wedding. The cake! You'll find that there's a plethora of different bakers out there who are all talented in their own way. As with your other vendors, you're going to want to find one that meets your style requirements, is reliable (having a wedding with no cake can be a disaster), is within your budget, and also has a personality that you can mesh with. Your baker will be able to assist you in the specifics and pros and cons to the different styles of frosting and different flavors you can choose from.

More items worth consideration are often things that you don't think about until you get into full swing. Your invitations, your stationary, your guest book... You'll generally want all of these to have a cohesive style which will allow for a uniform ambiance.

All of this information is probably not everything you'll need in order to throw your wedding, but it will give you a good start! Check this page often as we will be adding more specific guides to assist you in the future!

Good luck!